King Geedorah

MF Doom, perhaps the most legendary figure in underground hip hop, recorded a single album for Big Dada in 2003 as King Geedorah, a giant three-headed lizard from outer space. One of the few records of his career to be entirely self-produced, written, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered (though with a variety of vocal guests including Kurious and Scienz Of Life), it occupies a unique place in his catalogue. 

Doom's career in hip hop goes right back to the early '90s when, known as Zev Love X, he was a central member of nu skool phenomenons KMD. Dropped by Elektra for refusing to change 'controversial' cover artwork, tragedy was heaped on top of disappointment when Zev Love's brother and fellow band member, Subroc, was killed in a car accident. The young MC and producer vanished from the hip hop scene and was, to some extent, forgotten. In 1998, though, he re-emerged on Bobbito Garcia's classic label Fondle 'Em as MF Doom and over the next few years cemented his place as one of the most important names on the underground scene, 'Operation: Doomsday' was hailed as a classic and KMD's 'lost' album, 'Black Bastards' finally saw the light of day. A generation of musicians have grown up in awe of him and he has released a succession of acclaimed albums.