Paris Suit Yourself

A French-US collective, Paris Suit Yourself are the first 'rock' band ever to be signed to Big Dada. The three core members of Paris Suit Yourself are all originally from Bordeaux although singer Luvinsky Atche only met Marie Boye (bass and vox) and Victor Tricard (guitar, keys and vox) when they were all mingling with the uptight snobs of the capital city which gave them their name. But it was when the band relocated to Berlin (with Marie now back in Paris) and recruited Arkansas drum-lunatic, death metal nut and contemporary classical composer Joe "Bombastik" Heffernan that the group was complete.It was here, in the clubs, squat parties and illegal warehouse happenings of the city, that they honed their unique sound. Their first album, "My Main Shitstain," was released in 2011.

Paris Suit Yourself are fresh, fiery, top fun." 4/5 Mojo 

"A gnarly collision of clattery garage rick and splattery free-jazz, their cheerfully ragged and profane debut hits the bullseye.' Uncut 

"Utterly mad but utterly brilliant...' Music Week 

"Brave, perverted and utterly compelling. Dare you invite 'My Main Shitstain' onto your stereo?" 5/5 ALBUM OF THE MONTH, Artrocker 

"Dark, deluded and dangerously danceable.' Clash 

"I am in awe of it; I think it is good to be unsettled by things you admire. A triumph." Drowned in Sound 

  • Luvinsky Atche - vocals 
  • Marie Boye - bass, vocals 
  • Victor Tricard - guitar, keys, vocals 
  • Joe Bombastik - Drums