MCs Teki Latex, Tido Berman and Cuizinier signed to Big Dada in 2000 and released their first single ("Leguman" - about a vegetable superhero) with the label in 2001. Their first album followed in early 2002. With art from Kid Acne and a spoof martial arts video directed by Kourtrajme the band carved out a distinctive niche for themselves somewhere between the orthodoxies of underground hip hop and something snottier, sillier and more fun. They moved even further from the "underground" on second album, "Batards Sensibles" (2004), with singles like "Dans Le Club". Their third and final album, "3615 TTC," followed in 2007. By this time DJ Orgasmic was a full member of the group, and it was his mix of "Travailler" that caught the attention. Since the group's split, Teki and Orgasmic have DJed together as Sound Pellegrino and Teki has stayed involved in the running of Institubes, his record label. Their best known collaboration was with Modeselektor.