Busdriver - Arguments With Dreams EP

Arguments With Dreams

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We're very pleased to announce that LA's one and only Busdriver is preparing a new album for Big Dada, to be released in the first half of next year. To mark this momentous event, we have one of the best free downloads we've ever offered you. Busdriver has put together a seven track EP which once again reminds us that, rather than being one of the most eccentric MCs out there, he's just one of the best MCs out there. Featuring guest appearances from Das Racist, Terra Lopez, Open Mic Eagle and Nocando, it's 'Driver's molten flow of words, images and off-key jokes that, as ever, impresses hardest. All we're asking in return for the "Arguing With Dreams" EP is your email address - so we can tell you when his new album is out.

The man is also touring like a m---f---r all over the US and Europe. Full dates and details to the right...

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