Demo Policy

We want to hear your music but we get a lot, so you're more likely to get listened to if you follow these simple suggestions.

We only accept demos in digital form. Please email [email protected] with links to MP3 files (but NOT MP3 attachments please), Soundcloud, MySpace or websites. The less we actually have to download, the more likely we are to check it out.

Please remember to include contact details within the email body and keep your submission short and sweet (a tip - put your best music first and don't overload us with too much). Please don't chase for a response. If we like it we'll get in touch. If we keep getting hassled we might go off it.



Big Dada Recordings is a record label, whatever that means. We started off as an underground hip hop label, whatever that meant, but these days we release a full range of Black Music, whatever that means. The label was started in 1997 in association with Ninja Tune. They take care of a lot of the painful back-end stuff of running a record label, but we choose the artists, sort out the art and make our own mistakes (whatever that means). If you want to know more, look round the website. If you really want to know more, listen to the music. If you still want to know more, start a thesis...