Posted: 8th February

All Aboard

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the return of Busdriver. This time the LA native memorably described as sounding "like some street crazy" casts himself in a role he knows well - an uncelebrated underdog of the indie rap circuit. 'Fear of a Black Tangent' is filled with anecdotes dealing with touring, an unfailingly fickle fanbase, groupies, wack popular acts, racial-bias and just plain old-fashioned self-doubt, the record successfully pokes fun at the scene that birthed it. A record packed with cutting humour, hard-won insights and, yes, a little babbling like a street crazy is the wonderful result.

Posted: 16th November


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Posted: 13th October

New Flesh Go Westwood

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Posted: 8th December

More Beats...

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Posted: 27th December

Chart-er 99

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Posted: 10th February

Soiled Goods

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Posted: 10th April

Viva Ken!

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Posted: 10th May

Salad Days

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Posted: 28th July

Competition Results

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