Posted: 30th January

Brand New Second Hand

Despite a history stretching well over a decade, Ninja has never released a 'greatest hits' style compilation until now. First up and leading the charge is the ZEN TV DVD, containing every (good) Ninja video ever commissioned - watch in amazement as talented directors grapple with a budget of £2.99 and a pork pie. Bonus features include video AND audio mash-ups by Hexstatic. If you just want the music then go for ZEN CD (or ZEN LP) which has all the classics or 'big ones' remastered and carefully sequenced to make a top listening experience. Finally, there is the ZEN RMX option which contains the very best remixes we've had to beg the shit-hot producers du jour to do for us, to make us seem all cool and relevant. Again all painstakingly remastered and sequenced. Out in the UK now - out everywhere from 9th Feb.

Posted: 2nd November


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Posted: 16th November

Amsterdam, Paradiso

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Posted: 10th April

Wooden Performances

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Posted: 26th April

Dynamic Prosodation

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Posted: 19th May

Boy Sprout

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Posted: 21st June


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