Posted: 26th April

Chillin' with the Mixmaster

The Mixmaster Morris will be smoothing you beyond Saturday night into Sunday morning on Kiss FM. Aural massage will commence at the new time of 4am until 6, the first Sunday of every month.... Take a deep breath, aaaaaand Mixmaster takes you thru the April Fools Chart for URB Magazine....

1 DJ FOOD Kaleidoscope (Ninja Tune)2 SPACEK - Eve (Island Blue)3 SUPER ALOOF - The Sky EP (Exceptional)4 FINK - Ever since i was a kid ... (Hefner mix) (N Tone)5 TOM TYLER Asleep at the Switch (DC Recordings)6 PTAAH Compressed Light + remixes (Ubiquity)7 B Low - Croustilant Leger (Cheap)8 SEIJI Question It (Bitasweet)9 PLAID Booc EP (WARP)10 RECLOOSE - Absence of One (Planet E)all of these tunes and more actually played to a paying audience - possibly this Saturday 29th April @ Warp yr mind, London alongside the mahvalous Mr. Black doin the audio - was that 4 real - visuals....and once upon a time there was/is... A SITE FOR SORE EARS - The Mixmaster Morris HomepageClick here

Posted: 12th October


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Posted: 3rd November


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Posted: 6th April

Strictly Nutritious

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Posted: 11th April

I Fink Therefore I Am

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Posted: 5th June


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Posted: 29th June

Fresh Produce

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