Posted: 2nd August

DJ Vadim – Vadim's Comeback with a Vengeance

Vadim's kicking back with a vengeance!!!

Vadim has been asked by the VIENNA PEACE SUMMIT to represent theindependant dance scene for their compilation album "Voices for Peace." Forthis track Vadim is working with DJ Babu and Iriscience from US Hip-hopgroup of the moment Dilated peoples. Bit of an interesting Russian Americancollaboration there!!!

This is a very high honour, and a timely recognition of the contributionVadim has made to the alternative dance scene. Other artists include Pink Floyd, Yoko Ono, Queen and a special speech from Nelson Mandela.

VADIM ON TOUR - He will be touring in Oct with both US and UK MC's andhopefully with master of the beat box Killa Kella, they are intending tomake it more of a 'live' hip hop show than just a series of dry dj sets.

Vadim's single is released on August 16th, we've been getting the following reactions "It leaves you in no doubt which album you're going to have to buy as soonas it hits the shelves. It is gonna blow up." It's Obvious features the dulcet tones of Blu Rum and 'The Terrorist' explodes with the verbal attacks of 'Moshun Man.' There's nothing left to say ...Check this

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DJ Vadim

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