Posted: 23rd September

Free Download Thavius Beck 'Go!' Offshore Remix

Apparently, it's all about 'the consumer' these days, and the consumer wants summat for naffink, as a great man once named a single he was trying to sell. Not being ones to buck the trend, we've teamed up with spiffing (free) music magazine FACT, to give away something that would have been nicked anyway. Thavius Beck's excellent 'Go!' has been remixed by rising wonk-hop star Offshore, to quite startling effect. It's the best thing we've heard by the young Scottish renaissance man to date, and since we're going whole hog here, you can even have it at 320kpbs.

Anyone want to pay us for a plug? No..?

Posted: 12th October


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Posted: 3rd November


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Posted: 6th April

Strictly Nutritious

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Posted: 11th April

I Fink Therefore I Am

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Posted: 5th June


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Posted: 29th June

Fresh Produce

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