Posted: 31st March

Gamma Sign

At last we can finally announce that we have signed GAMMA. Juice Aleem (aka Alpha Prhyme aka Jerusalam aka Lord Aleem aka Uncle Deacon aka a thousand other names) has been involved with Big Dada since our very first release, yet it is only now - after his performances as a floating member of the New Flesh collective - that he is getting the respect he deserves as one of the most original and complex thinkers MCing today. Recently described as "the most underrated MC in the UK", this project is one of his own groups, featuring the MCing and production skills of E.B.Uneek (also to be heard on two tracks on Equilibrium and Roots Manuva's Skiver's Guide - performing then as Robotic E.B.U.), production from Mr Mitchell and the sheer rhyme brilliance of Lord Redeemer. Lord Redeemer forms the crux of the group, the former two having travelled from Birmingham to London in the mid-nineties to become involved with his organisation, Ghetto Grammar. Ghetto Grammar garnered considerable press both in the UK and the States (the Source ran a feature on it) but was consistently misrepresented as a "school for hip hop". It would be more accurately viewed in the same way as an avant garde school of artists or a revolutionary cadre. Here people learned only to collaborate with like-minds in order to stretch the form of hip hop (and the social and political messages it could carry) to the limit. Gamma is one result - hard-hitting, original music and an almost technical dissection of current street slang. Imagine a British Freestyle Fellowship crossed with Wu Tang and you're heading in the right direction (tho' nowhere near to getting there...). Atmospheric, moody sounds combined with three hugely distinctive MCs trading lines like they'd been finishing each other's thoughts since the womb. Shadowless, baby...

Posted: 7th December

Big Dada Debut

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Posted: 6th January

New Year, New Flesh

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Posted: 7th June

Divine Intervention

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Posted: 8th June

Old Flesh For New...

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Posted: 14th July

TV Dada

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Posted: 17th August

Webbed Feats

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