Posted: 6th September

Got The Hint?

In the spirit of love & support we are now officially 'new best friends' with Hombre Records, although we hesitate to call it a 'special relationship' as that's too close to the George & Tony show. The first single we have joined forces on is 'Count Your Blessings' by Hint - a wonderful piece of piano led reflective music underpinned with a rock solid beat on 10" vinyl. The superb Hint album 'Portakabin Fever' is out early next year and ol' ma ninja will be helping out on that release too.

Posted: 22nd March

Track By Track

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Posted: 20th September

Listen & Learn

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Posted: 18th November

Sooper Trooper

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Posted: 17th February

A Strong Hint

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Posted: 7th April

Release The Hint

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