Posted: 5th January

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a good one! We're already well underway for a very big 2006 for the label. The download only singles from Lotek Hi-Fi and Part 2 are out now, and available from the BD download area. They're attracting some definite winter warmth, as summarised by DJ Magazine's kind words...

'Part 2's tweak on 'One of Dem Days' surrounds Fallacy's blazing lines with surging rubbery waves of bass and aggro synth, Cabaret Voltaire-style nastiness giving Fallacy's vox a lethally incisive point of attack. Superb'

And on Lotek...

'Sheffield crew Small Arms Fiya transform the (already mighty) original into a genius Afro-beat stomper that's equal parts Fela, Konono No.1 and Mad Professor. This'll have anyone shaking all spare appendages like they're Baloo in a grass skirt. Man, what a beat. OD 24/7.'

Look out for Spank Rock's devastatingly new, devilishly addictive 'Rick Rubin' single coming soon, and a few other bits we've got safe and warm for later in the year. May it be a good one!

Posted: 18th July

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Lotek Hi-Fi out today!

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