Posted: 20th September

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DJ Vadim has an amazing new album out right now. 'USSR:The Art Of Listening' has all of the angular abstractions of Vadim's earlier work, but here it is combined with a new depth of musicality, a love of bass and an interest in music and words from around the world. So, alongside UK MCs like Taskforce and Phi Life Cipher and the cream of US underground wordspitters like Slug, Gift of Gab, Moshun Man and Vakill can be found. Tablas and djembe drums mix with Japanese flutes, Brazilian guitars, spoken word, obscure scratched sound bites and a definite UK street sound incorporating hints of jungle bass and drums, all build the whole into something unusual and special.

Posted: 22nd March

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Posted: 6th September

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Posted: 18th November

Sooper Trooper

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Posted: 17th February

A Strong Hint

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Posted: 7th April

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