Posted: 31st January


Please be upstanding for The Death Set, also known as the MotherFuckingDeathSet. Concentrate. Straight out of Baltimore's burgeoning and increasingly wild music scene, The Death Set throw punk rock abandon onto warehouse dancefloors and come up with something unique - a micro-blast of catchy choruses, screamed lyrics, chaos, violence, humor and fucked-up reaffirmation of the value of going nuts.

And that's it. No need to write more than you can read while the record's on. No need to go too deep when it's all about the rush. TheMotherfuckingDeathSet are here NOW! The first single on Counter Records is released 11th Feb. Catch them at their first London gigs on 15th Feb at You Don't Know - Electrowerkz and earlier in the evening at Tape This! Vs Music Is My Boyfriend @ Bardens Boudoir. More info here.

Buy the 7" and download from the Ninjashop here.Watch the video here

Posted: 16th November


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Soiled Goods

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Viva Ken!

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Competition Results

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