Posted: 13th October

New Flesh Go Westwood

Ian Merchant, we call you to the front of class. The Aspects member and writer for Knowledge stated in his excellent review of New Flesh's album that "'Equilbrium' is cliche free, jiggy free, wanker free, please buy. If Westwood ever plays this shit I'm off to my local for a Moet". Go, Ian, go. And get us one while you're there. New Flesh For Old will be featured on Westwood's show on 1FM this Friday night (October 15th), chatting, freestyling and, in the case of Toastie Tailor, dropping the finest mutant dancehall lyrics ever to grace national airwaves. They're on at about 1am. Don't miss.

Posted: 16th November


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Posted: 8th December

More Beats...

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Posted: 27th December

Chart-er 99

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Posted: 10th February

Soiled Goods

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Posted: 10th April

Viva Ken!

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Posted: 10th May

Salad Days

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Posted: 28th July

Competition Results

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Posted: 9th September


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