Posted: 1st May

New Ramm Scratch

You know it you know it you know it. This Thursday night (May 3rd) the boys from New Flesh will be teaming up with current collaborator Ramm:Ell:Zee to perform at estimable London hip hop night out, Scratch. Ramm is perhaps best known for the all-time classic 'Beat Bop' (which you may hear live if you get down to the Scala...) as well as for appearing in two classic hip hop movies, 'Wildstyle' and 'Style Wars'. These days he is building a veritable empire of models and costumes for an opera type thing about words as weapons or something (it's deep, alright?). Anyway, the man is a god, his costumes are amazing and he and New Flesh are brothers in arms. It will be legendary. Don't miss...

Posted: 7th December

Big Dada Debut

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Posted: 6th January

New Year, New Flesh

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Posted: 7th June

Divine Intervention

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Posted: 8th June

Old Flesh For New...

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Posted: 14th July

TV Dada

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Posted: 17th August

Webbed Feats

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