Posted: 5th July

New Spesh

New Flesh For Old have submitted their new single and it's a killer. Out on Septmber 4th, the new track is titled 'Arcade Terra' and follows on from where Part 2 took the basic hip hop beat on Big Dada Sound's 'Showtime'. Crazy bogle-step, super musical and funky as fuck, it's mic-blasted by Juice Aleem, Toastie Tailor and Robotic E.B.U. Honestly, we kid you not, New Flesh have made their career from changing, developing and keeping moving. Every one of their records has been a change from what's come before and this is no exception. We're blown away by it here.

The single should have been out a few months back, but we got caught up in Gift of Gab's ultra-busy promotion schedule before deciding to save that treat for the next album. However, as promised, Skitz has come through with a classic head-nodder, making it into a single with a distinctively reggae slant.

Talking of Juice Aleem and Ebu, later in September we will be releasing the debut single from Gamma. Entitled 'Black Atlantians,' it will be followed by an album in October. Juice and Ebu are joined on mic duties by the phenomenal Lord Redeemer, with production coming from Ebu and Mr Mitchell. We don't want to give away much more at the moment, but we guarantee that you'll like it!

Hold tight...

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