Posted: 30th June

NTONE news

The most recent fantastic flanger release has received some wicked reactions 'So achingly delish it hurts! I loved EP 1 and this is even better. Simplicity itself, it reveals layers of grooves like a ruddy great oak tree' and 'this keeps its thoughts to itself all the way through and its dazzling twists and turns keep you guessing from start to finish.' Ntone has been on the quietfront for most of the year but there are some tasty, tasty releases coming up soon. Cabbageboy is finishing off his new album which is sounding awesome and will be released around the end of August with a single release at the beginning of August. Look out for the audio breakdowns starting next month. Animals on Wheels are also working on their new album, which will bereleased sometime during Nov, we've had some sneak previews and ntone heads, you're in for a treat. Animals have excelled themselves and come up with an excellent selection of easy listening and rough and tumble tracks - watch this space!

Posted: 6th April

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Coldcut December Chart

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