Posted: 14th October

Paris Suit Yourself – 'Craig Machinsky' Free Download


Hailing originally from Bordeaux and Arkansas, based - very roughly speaking - in Berlin and coming on like PiL reincarnated as a French psychedelic soul revue, Paris Suit Yourself are the first "rock" band ever to sign to venerable hip hop label Big Dada. First single, "Craig Machinsky" is a furious tirade on the fetishisation and demonisation of blackness and sounds like nothing else you've ever heard. 

The single, the first for Big Dada, heralds the release early next year of Paris Suit Yourself's debut album, "My Main Shitstain" - forty five minutes of powerful polemic and impassioned lyricism, all delivered with the kind of hooks that you find yourself humming (or screaming and shouting) months later.

For a free download of 'Craig Machinsky' click here.

Posted: 29th September

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