Posted: 19th April

Road Movies

Man like J-Swoobie (Mr Swinscoe to yo, ma'am...) is getting out and about in May, leaving Blighty with the full, complete and - dare we say it? - rather dashing Cinematic Orchestra. The Man With The Golden Sampler will be travelling in the company of T.Daniel Howard (drums), Tom Chant (sax/piano), Phil France (Bass) and Patrick 'PC' Carpenter (turntables/electronics).

First stop is the Porto 2000 Film Festival in, erm, Porto, Portugal. J has been commissioned to write the score for a new soundtrack to 'The Man With The Movie Camera,' a very famous and classic film from 1929 directed by the Russian fella Dziga Vertov. Apparently he (Jason, not Dziga, who is probably dead (apologies and complete retraction to Mr Vertov if this isn't the case - no offence, mate)) ruffled a few feathers on his last trip to Portugal when he told a journalist he hadn't started on the score yet. He assures us, though, that it is now all ready and anyway, hey, it wouldn't be je-azz if it was all written down months in advance. Get ma drillio, my frillio?

Other exciting dates include the 9th Anniversary party of "Into Somethin'" in Munich and a DJ set with Tom Chant on sax at Homelands (we're currently running a book in the office on whether they'll get pilled off the stage by a bunch of saucer-eyed accountants with a Vicks habit...). But all those details are listed in the live section.

Besides that, the boy Swinscoe has been super busy with remixes for the likes of DJ Krust, Faze Action, Kenji Eno, Les Gammas (Compost), Pierro Umilliano and Nils Peter Molvaer (ECM). Ninja are currently hoping to put together a mini-album compilation of Jason's mixes, so watch out for more on that. In the meantime, J promises that the more upbeat afro/funk feel of some of the new material will be reflected in the live show. So don't forget your dancing shoes, you crazy mixed up kids...

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