Posted: 21st December

Roots Manuva Meets The Fat Boss

The panic starts here - Roots Manuva can be seen on the cover of the new issue of underground hip hop mag Fat Boss in full 'Midnight Marauders' warpaint.

Written by Mat-C (editor and owner of this new journal), Fat Boss states that "if you haven't heard of Roots Manuva, you soon will. Combining his roots in reggae with the hip hop beats, Manuva is on the verge of changing this culture forever. When you hear Roots Manuva you know you're hearing something as fresh as Tribe's "Midnight". Booming bass, science fiction sound effects and backwards snares lay the canvas for Roots to spit his own language, creating music that has never been heard before. 100 percent original, just like hip hop should be, Manuva has truly turned the English language inside out."

As well as this excellent cover story, the new issue contains Rza, Jarobi, hip hop journalists on their trade, prison nutter Charles Bronson and much more. If you can't find a copy, write to 153 Praed Street, London W2 1RL. But don't say we sent you...

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Roots Manuva

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