Posted: 10th May

Salad Days

The Kid and Amon have hit North America and already the newsgroups of the web are buzzing with reports of their doings. Please note, bands used to smash up restaurants. This truly is a new era:

"Thought I would post a few comments on the "meals on wheels of steel" tour, featuring kid koala, bullfrog, and amon tobin.

I saw the show last Saturday night at Maxwell's in Hoboken. Shambling into this intimate venue, we saw four turntables lined up at the front of the stage, with drums, percussion, and guitar and bass equipment behind them.

"i'm going to start off by playing records incorrectly," kid told the crowd, and proceeded to absolutely tear shit up on the four tables. If anyone knows of a more entertaining dj to *watch* than kid koala, let me know.

koala's band bullfrog would wander on and off stage at different moments, and begin jamming along with the turtablism. This really added some sonic diversity to the program. The blend of dj and live instruments worked very well...all funk broke loose at certain moments. Later I spotted members of Bullfrog eating salad in the restaurant up front.

Kid actually addressed the crowd on the mic at some length now and again...doing a little tongue-in-cheek semi-ironic yet-somewhow-heartfelt version of the "welcome to the show, ladies and gentlemen" and "what's up, hoboken?"" routine.

After koala's more light-hearted fun, the stealthy figure of amon tobin slung the deep, dark beats for the later-evening rollers. I enjoyed this as well."

Saladgate was brought to us by Fred ([email protected]). It seems that the rock 'n' roll rebellion was left to Amon 'James Dean' Tobin, who elicited the following post from [email protected]:

"Yeah, I was also at the show in Hoboken, and I noticed something during Amon Tobin's very awesome DJ set... About half way through the set he started smoking something. I wasnt sure if it was a joint or a home rolled cigarette... but i was very curious about this.. Can you actually do that? Smoke a j on stage? I also noticed that the more of it he smoked, the more intense and crazy the jungle beats got... To those who went to the show.. any ideas?"

Perhaps Mr Tobin himself will enlighten us about his 'roll-up'. The ninjaskinz are for truck drivers, y'know...

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