Posted: 18th August

Square up and Spank

No, not a form of bottom boxing but a double whammy of Big Dada news on this stickiest of days. Spank Rock's naughty but nice 'Put That Pussy On Me' is now available in shops near you. Make sure you ask for a carrier bag, or your funny, sleazy slice of next level bass may draw stares.

If you are in Yorkshire, or just highly motivated, there is only one place to be tonight. Part 2 has spent the whole day preparing competition prizes of exclusive mixes and his new album, fresh CDr musical fodder and a proper soundsystem for his debut Square Up night. It's at Kennedy's in York, it has an all star line up that includes Toastie Taylor and LSK, and it's free. Go say hello.

Posted: 2nd November

Mike Ladd

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Posted: 6th January

New Year, New Flesh

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Posted: 17th August

Webbed Feats

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Posted: 13th September

Word Made Flesh

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Posted: 4th November

New Ts For Old

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Posted: 5th November

New Flesh In Brum

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