Posted: 5th June


Not so much a piece of news as a heated debate...

It all started when Fink emailed while bored one day to say he "did a wicked gig in TEL AVIV a few weeks ago and when no NINJI are present I like to slip in a bit of soulful, classy 2 step - and DINAMO DVASH went wild when I dropped it".

All fair and lovely there, then. Fink went on to say that "my peeps behind the counters are telling me that the one,the only godfather of shoal MR. SCRUFF has been loading himself up with 2 stepfrom SLAM JAMZ in manchester". Could it be, then, that the next wave of Ninja release will be twisted takes on UK Garage? Maybe and maybe not.

A phone call to the Scruffy One revealed that he's only dropping a couple of 2 step thingummyjigs during his set. And considering that his sets can last up to a week that ain't all that many.

Scruffy explained of the records that "most of them are good but they're spolit by the vocal equivalent of a poo on top. It's great then someone comes in singing really dramatically about a pencil case." Strong words indeed. But the Madam was only too willing to moderate them.

"It's like saying what do you think of hip hop to someone who only hears Majesticons. I'm sure there are Infesticons out there. I just havewn't heard them yet..."

Hold on for updates...

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