Posted: 6th April

Strictly Nutritious

We thought we could do you a round-up of what's been going on with the Meals On Wheels Of Steel tour but decided it might be more interesting to do something a little different. So we've asked the various people involved to pick the record that summed up each date for them. And the first fruit of this approach comes from Strictly Kev, whose UK tour top ten (eleven, actually) is listed below with explanations. Enjoy! 1. Hull - Kid Koala's interlude record - don't know the title or author but it's featured on the Scratchappyland 10" on 'Goodnight, Drive safely' -broke the ice as around 50 people were aware of the gig due to non promotion. 2. Leeds - Afu-Ra - new single (don't know the title as it's a boot) - Fink played this during his set, a porky Premier production! 3. Bristol - Mantronix - 'King of the Beats' mixed into Pumpkin's 'King ofthe Beat' - obvious but rough nevertheless... 4. Sheffield - Bullfrog - 'Snake Skin' - a B.F. original in a latin/sambastyle with Eric cutting up 2 copies of 'Love To Love You Baby' for thevocal. Amazing drums / percussion soloing too. 5. Newcastle - winner of smallest stage on the tour - Flying Fish - 'Lucy's Song', played every night, never fails. 6. Glasgow - Delia Derbyshire - 'Theme from Dr Who' mixed into the middle of Red Snapper's 'Hot Flush' a la Journies By DJ. Only the London crowddidn't cheer this one every night. 7. Manchester - Primal Scream - 'Don't Fight It, Feel It' - mixed out of Flying Fish. If they don't dance to this one they're either deaf, dead or they just don't like you. The crowd needed a bit of persuasion but I had 'em by the end 8. Nottingham - Amon Tobin 'Sordid', his set opener. They all wanted more of this - "Kill me Amon!" 9. Brighton - Kid's show piece with LL's 'Going back to Cali' used as asaxophone to solo over a swinging beat. People were throwing each otheraround the dancefloor. Winner of best crowd of the tour (a tie with Glasgow,actually) 10. Cambridge - winner of the most scared to dance crowd but biggest taking on the merch stand (just beating Manchester by £20) P-Love's solo beat juggle rountine wins tonight. 11. London - Downstairs - Pharoahe Monch 'Simon `Says' mixed into DJ Food 'Turtle Soup' - get the fuck up you boring bastards. Upstairs Doug Lazy- 'Let It Roll'.

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I Fink Therefore I Am

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Fresh Produce

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