Posted: 23rd April

The return of Juice Aleem!

We're more than pleased to announce the release of that long-awaited artefect - a solo album from Juice Aleem. Yes, the MC whose career has been most closely linked to the history of the label has finally gone for self! As Alpha Prhyme Juice featured on the very first Big Dada release. After that his work with New Flesh and Gamma consolidated his reputation, before work with Hextstatic, Adam Freeland, Evil 9 and Coldcut (amongst others) demonstrated his open-mindedness and versatility (as well as his ability as one of the very best freestylers in the business). Over the last year or so, though, Juice has got down to business and put down the tracks which comprise "Jerusalaam Come," a 14 track epic which Big Dada will release on July 27th. We think it's a blinder and can't wait for you to hear first single "First Lesson". He's back - phony MCs, be afraid...

Posted: 16th November


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Posted: 13th October

New Flesh Go Westwood

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Posted: 8th December

More Beats...

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Posted: 27th December

Chart-er 99

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Posted: 10th February

Soiled Goods

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Posted: 10th April

Viva Ken!

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Posted: 10th May

Salad Days

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Posted: 28th July

Competition Results

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