Posted: 1st April

Totally Necessary

Pest's debut album 'Necessary Measures' is out NOW NOW NOW!!. Expect: ridiculous bass, a low attention threshhold, George Benson being murdered by men with big sticks, huge bass, cartoon music made psycho-nasty, garage rock into UK garage. You could point to the Blockheads or Tackhead (why is it always 'Heads?) but this is a band that genuinely sounds unlike any other you've ever heard - or like the greatest, most twisted UK punk "funk" band since... ever?

Posted: 25th October

Like Madd

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Posted: 21st June


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Posted: 31st October

Coldcut November Chart

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Posted: 3rd December

What about Pest?

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Posted: 6th December


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Posted: 6th January

Imagine (part 2)

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