Posted: 3rd August

Vadim and Big Dada hit the Streets


Ninja Tune and Big Dada are proud to present the Explosive Package Tour afuture hip hop collaboration featuring some of the cream of the UK sceneand showcasing three of the autumnís most essential releases. DJ Vadim,New Flesh For Old and Dynamic Syncopation from the manic to the mellow,the far-out to the smoothed out.

DJ Vadim debuted back in '95 on his own Jazz Fudge label and signed toNinja Tune in '96. Since his first album, 'USSR Repertoire,' he has movedaway from creaking doors and ansaphone messages and embraced MCs fromaround the world, in the process creating "the best work of his career"(The Wire). For these shows Vadim will present a live set up including MrThing (Scratch Perverts), Killer Kela (the finest beatboxer in the country)and Blu Rum 13 (all the way from Virginia, USA).

New Flesh For Old released their first record the same year as Vadim's.Since 1997 they have been affiliated with Big Dada, earning their tag as'one of the maddest and best Brit crews' (DJ). Producer Part 2 hascontributed to such compilations as 'Deeper Concentration' (OM), ToastieTailor has contributed vocals to the Ice project and Juice Aleem has builta reputation as one of the most intelligent MCs in the country. WithToastie guesting on Vadimís new LP and Juice appearing on DynamicSyncopationís, there will be ample room for collaboration....

Dynamic Syncopation are sometime Herbaliser-collaborator Johnny Cuba andthe Loop Professor. With a background in jazz and funk as well as hip hop,their four deck performances are set to provide a little extra groove tothe evening's entertainment.See below for dates.

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Explosive Package Tour

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