Posted: 21st June


Vector 12" EP [NTONE 41] is releases this week [June 19]

Digital Lo-fi cut up video breaks.

The first single from the forthcoming AV and nu-skool breaks debut album from Hexstatic, famous for their cutting edge club visuals and stonking beats. Catch them at this summer's Big Chill festival - Saturday night prime time.

Developing from their work with Coldcut on the ground breaking and award winning Timber audio-visual track. Every Hexstatic track has a video and the music is fully synchronised with the visuals - samples, beats and melodies from TV, classic arcade games and electronic toys mixed with breaks and beats.

Vector - cool steaming electro beats made with samples from arcade games Asteroids and Battle Zone and Tempest.

Machine Toy - electro bleep track featuring early electronic hand held games e.g Simon, Speak & Spell, George The Robot [like Maximillian from 'The Black Hole'] a programmable domestic robot.

Bass Invader - funky nu skool break with added Space Invaders and Robotron arcade-ness.

Hexstatic are Stuart Warren Hill and Robin Brunson.

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Hexstatic Vector EP

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