Posted: 10th April

Viva Ken!

You know it, we know it, even - in the dark heart of his heart of hearts - Tony knows it. It's gonna be Ken, it's gotta be Ken, we want it to be Ken (all voices of dissent to the forum NOW). A po-faced political establishment say it's all fashion and knee-jerk and that he's an opportunist, but is there really anyone else out there who even really seems to care about London? Uh? Uh? Anyway, Jon More is now officially one of Ken's "celebrity pop star backers". Haha. Yes, he is playing this Thursday (the 13th) at the Astoria in aid of the campaign of El Rougio. Here's the complete line-up: Main room 9-10 Paul Oakenfold 10-11 Jon Carter 11-12 Fatboy Slim 12-1 Darren Emerson 1-2 Tall Paul

Back room 9-10 Gilles Peterson 10-11 Jonathon More 11-12 Tom Middleton 12-1 Layo & Bushwacka 1-2 Scanty Sandwich

Okay, so maybe not everyone playing is exactly to the taste of the Ninji, but it's only (only?) £12.50 and all proceeds are going towards building a giant newt ranch in central London, so it's well worth it. Oh, and it's called 'All Back To Ken's' so you might be able to wangle a cup of tea and a choclate digestive out of him afterwards... For more information on how to nurture amphibians, shave off a moustache, wear a crumpled suit and just generally be a don (oh, and how to vote - it's a cross you know...) please click...


...fooled you....


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