Posted: 3rd March

We Are Pop Music...

Strange coincidences...

On the week we receive the illest, most melancholic, headnodding, crash-cymballing little funkster of a remix from Dan The Automator, we hear that he's set to hit the charts with Prince Paul and Moloko and that Handsome Boys Modelling shiznitshitnit. With Radio One hammering their tune, we realise that this makes us a pop label of the highest order and that all our stinky thinking of the past is fatally flawed. We apologise if you feel misled. We are now the new Motown. Or, if you prefer, the new Stock Aitken & Waterman.

This is, of course, in no way a rather lame and fundamentally crap way to remind you once again that "Hero Theme" by The Infesticons (featuring that falling-bass, piano-pain, squiggly mix from our very good friend and nascent pop star Dan The Automator) will be out on Big Dada on April 25th and will be well worth buying double or even treble copies of.

'Course not.

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