Posted: 7th June

Whiley Manuvas

Roots Manuva, still picking up the plaudits for his debut album, 'Brand New Second Hand,' is featured doing his funky-ass rootical thing on the Jo Whiley Show on Channel 4 on June 16th (repeated on June 18th). In what insiders are saying is the performance of the series, Roots showcases 'Motion 5000' with his DJ, MK (of mixtape fame...), vibe-loon Gordon and Stella and Issy, the string players who gave the original its unique feel. Don't miss it. You can also catch him at the Glastonbury Festival on Super Sunday (June 27th) roaming the Dance Stage to maximum effect.

As if all this were not enough, Roots' new single is out on July 5th. The A side features 'Motion' while over there's a new track called 'Skiver's Guide'. This is produced by Taipanic of Blak Twang and features him, Seanie T, Juice Aleem and Robotic E.B.U. (who perform together with Lord Redeemer as Gamma). Already being hammered by Westwood and whioever else can get hold of a copy, it's a thing of beauty.

Posted: 12th November

Roots Manuva

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Big Dada Debut

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Posted: 6th January

New Year, New Flesh

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Posted: 27th January

Juggle Tings Video Promo

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Posted: 22nd February

Roots On The Road!

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