Posted: 15th August

Who's The Badman?

South London beatsmith Dylan Richards a.k.a King Cannibals' tracks have been punishing soundsystems and causing structural damage around London for some time now. His unique take on dancehall bashment infuses it's infectious, brutal body-juddering riddims with the ferocious drum programming and dissonant, high-tech filth of late 90's jungle. 'Badman Near Dark's android snarls, a charging, filthy bassline and superbly fierce drumwork make this the bastard crossover between hard electronic dancehall like The Bug and Stereotyp, and late 90's techy jungle dons of Dillinja, Nico, Ed Rush and Optical. Fierce and heavy on the bass yet rhythmically agile and laced with dissonant atmospherics, Near Dark is mutant tech dancehall for Predator skanking, amid burning cities and the total collapse of civilisation. Released here via Combat Recordings, it also features heavy-ass remixes from Komonazmuk and label boss Stormfield.

Posted: 27th October

Ninja Millenium Gig

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Posted: 22nd May

Part 2 gets Bashy

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Posted: 9th March

Jah War ft. Flowdan

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Posted: 23rd March

Bugged Out

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Posted: 27th April

The Bug Is Back

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Posted: 6th June


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