Posted: 18th October

Yard Out

Yes, Extra Yard is out on Monday and as we have already told you on numerous occasions, it's a corker of a record including tracks from Roots Manuva, Ty, New Flesh, Gamma, Infinite Livez and Lotek Hifi (who played their debut live show supporting Cinematic Orchestra at the Shepherd's Bush Empire last week and acquitted themselves very well...). In addition, it features Rodey P, LSK, Fallacy, Wildflower, Skeme, Big P and Ricky Rankin.

Obviously we're going to say it's a fantastic record, but you don't have to believe us. Folks in magazines and papers have been saying this:

"If you come across anyone accusing British hip hop of being a poor imitation of its American counterpart, play them 'Extra Yard' and wait for their jaw to drop. Moulding London Posse-style ragga-rap, Jamaican soundsystem culture and two-step bootleg rhythm into one sticky carnival whole, faces like New Flesh, Ty and Infinite Livez put the lie to the lazy assumption that Roots Manuva has the only voice in the genre worth spinning... fantastic." NME, 8/10

"UK hip hop in its most original, groundbreaking form. This compilation proves again that Big Dada is a label you can trust... Plenty of rugged beats and witty lyrics, it's just what you'd expect from one of hip hop's future-shaping labels." - Untold

"Gamma, Shadowless, Infinite Livez and Lotek Hifi all work UKG bounce, dancehall bass, r&b innovation, d&b energy and hip hop vocal skills into a whole that really does hit the head and the batty" - Muzik

"The UK has truly found its own voice. The whole thing is so naturally infused with Brit soundsystem sub-bass styles that it stands alone without need of comparison or justification." - The Face

But if you don't trust our selective quoting, check the web:

And if you don't trust anything but your own ears, go here and listen to it yourself in Realplayer...

It's a good 'un. Honest.

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