Fars Yer Whop
Bang On!

Release Date. 07/05/12
Catalogue Number. BDDNL207

Twenty one year old Liverpudlian Elliot Egerton aka Bang On! returns with the warm-up single for his debut album, [sic] and it’s a complete, city-destroying monster. 

First we need to talk you through the beat. Aberdonian producer and close Bang On! associate Cruicky has fixed up a low slung speaker-mangler of a rhythm, all giant bottom end, snapping snares and thundering kicks. Every time it unfolds a little more it gets heavier still, till you fear for the floor in your room. Over it, Bang On! drops the kind of lyrical gems which have him marked down as a true street wordsmith: “Fuck me, it's not no easy feat/ with these snot nosed kids tryin’ to tease police/ thinking breachin’ the peace is a beast/ sleepin’ on each other’s three piece suites in the week/ fleece beak for their keep/ beat their meat and repeat/ just to keep them sweet/ the real five a day/ don't know where they're gettin off thinkin’ crime will pay.” The whole thing is rounded out by a chorus that both pays tribute to and takes the piss out of the empty vocoderising of mainstream pop-rap. 

A tune with a clear social message about how struggling to surive can lead you to do stupid or dangerous things, when the beat changes up for the third verse, so does Egerton, turning his message on its head and delivering a series of magnificent boasts aimed at all those “miffed that I got the gift of the gab/ combined with the most terrific of trabs/ biggest bitchin’ bags of green/ that you've ever seen/ roll a spliff, hit the mixed kebab.” Remix duties, meanwhile, come courtesy of the mighty DJ Q, 1Xtra DJ and a key player in the bassline scene. 

A truly original voice with his own unique musical sensibility (which he’s described – tongue a little in cheek – as “post retro punk donk dub hop”) Bang On! brings us a very different, very raw view of his city and nation.


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Fars Yer Whop (Radio Edit)
Fars Yer Whop (DJ Q Remix - Radio Edit)
Fars Yer Whop
Fars Yer Whop (DJ Q Remix)
Fars Yer Whop (Instrumental)

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