Jungle Revolution
Congo Natty

Release Date. 01/07/13
Catalogue Number. BDDNL227X

Congo Natty is one man, a family, a movement. Mikail Tafari aka Rebel MC stands at the core, but as Jungle Revolution shows, he’s the lens that brings the whole into focus. 

Ten tracks long, “Jungle Revolution” clearly lays out the way in which Tafari sees Jungle as a re-boot of roots reggae for a new century. Full of blood and fire, the sternum-buzz of sub-bass, rapid fire drum breaks, sweet hooks, righteous anger and professions of love, it’s the kind of passionate, committed, raw and spiritual, beautiful record that doesn’t come along that often. “The message of reggae is Ras Tafari and Ras Tafari is love,” he explains. “They sang about love but they was also prophesying and talking about the system, talking about things that were going on in the world. I saw Jungle as being that same music, where we were going to spread a message.” 

 That message is spread by a diverse cast of collaborators. The album was mixed with On-U legend Adrian Sherwood and Skip McDonald (whose career goes back as far as the Sugarhill Band) plays guitar and, on the deep dub of “Revolution,” melodica. Production smarts are martialled from Benny Page (on the straight up ragga-jungle of “UK Allstars”), Vital Elements (the 150bpm anthem “Jah Warriors” and “Jungle Is I and I”), Serial Killaz (the pure roots bounce and rinse out of “Get Ready”) and Boyson & Crooks (creeping technoid paranoia on “London Dungeons”).

Vocalists, meanwhile, run a huge range. There’s a who’s who of UK soundsystem culture on “UK Allstars.” True Congo Natty family like Nanci & Phoebe (check out Phoebe “Iron Dread” Hibbert’s verse on “Microchip” and Nanci Correia’s contributions throughout the record) and La La & The Boo Yaa (“Jungle Souljah”) fill the album with sweet hooks and total commitment.

Last, there are artists perhaps best known for their work with others, but drawing new sustenance from Congo Natty’s Rasta beliefs and political views. Lady Chann offers a scintillating contribution on “Jungle Is I and I” and Buggsy, best known for his work with Joker, makes a telling intervention. 

That this all holds together into a coherent whole that nods back to the legacy of roots reggae and classic jungle without being in thrall to either is down to the clear-eyed vision of the pioneer behind it. That he could make a record so vital, so alive with love and anger and pure joy, shows that Congo Natty the man is more than just a legend. He’s a revolutionary. And that revolution is happening now. 


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MP3 (BDDNL227)



Jungle Souljah - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC & La La & The Boo Ya
UK Allstars (Congo Natty Meets Benny Page Mix) - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC, Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie & Daddy Freddy
Revolution - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC, Nanci Correia, Phoebe "Iron Dread" Hibbert & Ras Buggsy
Get Ready - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC, Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy & Nanci Correia
Jah Warriors (Congo Natty Meets Vital Elements Mix) - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC, Nanci Correia, YT & Junior Congo Yosief Tafari
Nu Beginingz - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC & Sista Mary
Jungle is I and I (Congo Natty Meets Vital Elements Mix) - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC & Lady Chann
London Dungeons (Congo Natty Meets Boyson and Crooks Mix) - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC & Martha Kean
Rebel - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC & 2Nice
Micro Chip (Say No) - Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC, Kaya Fyah & Phoebe "Iron Dread" Hibbert
Jungle Blues (Bonus Track)

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