Sweet Talk
Spank Rock

Release Date. 27/03/06
Catalogue Number. BD092


7"+MP3 (BDS092)


12"+MP3 (BD092)



Sweet Talk
Sweet Talk (XXXChange Re-Edit feat Anthony Barba)

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Posted: 3rd May

Cystic Fibrosis Week - Ebay Giveaway

This week is Cystic Fibrosis Week. "What's Cystic Fibrosis?" you might ask. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is one of the UK's most common life-threatening genetic diseases that affects over 9,000 British citizens. Caused by a faulty gene that around 1 in 25 people carry, CF mainly affects the lungs and digestive system (along with the host of other symptoms). Each week five babies are born with CF and while there has been vast improvements in treatment of CF only half the CF population will live past 41. Heavy stuff, we know. 

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Posted: 9th December

We're in Rhapsody

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Posted: 14th November

Thunder at last

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