Life EP

Release Date. 25/02/13
Catalogue Number. BDDNL224

Parisian duo VISION return with their second EP for Big Dada and continue to develop their unique, raw and soulful take on post-dubstep electronic music, smashing classic Detroit techno against the detritus of their French/African/Caribbean heritage to create alien soundscapes which can be beautiful or brutal or both. Relying on a composition method involving programming the bare bones of a rhythm track before jamming layer upon layer of music live on a series of vintage synths and effects units, then stripping back and giving these sessions shape, you can hear the spontaneity and human looseness this allows back into a field where all too often, producers prize a kind of sterile, deathly perfection above that simple, complicated thing, “LIFE.” 

“The Phuture Makes Beats” is a pummelling exercise in ryhthm building and bass extermination, “Vortex” harks back to the duo’s debut track “Rise of Green” but adds a kind of ecstatic drive to the doominess of the original. “Origenesis” introduces us to the crazed afro-futurism of fellow Parisian K The Great, “Visioneer” is the most uncompromisingly violent track the pair have so far released, but develops a kind of transcendent loveliness as it crunchs forward. “Bounce My People,” meanwhile, finishes the EP off with some unashamed funk. 

This then, is VISION’s vision – a kind of micro/macroscopic, future-low-tech Black psychedelia which conjures the organic from the inorganic. And hence, which creates life…


MP3 (BDDNL224)


16-bit WAV (BDDNL224W)



The Phuture Makes Beats
Origenesis - VISION Featuring K The Great
Bounce My People - VISION Featuring K The Great

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